Realization of a penitentiary institution 2000 detained at BBA

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The project "Realization of a penitentiary institution 2000 detained at BBA " is located 2 km north of the county town of Wilaya Bordj Bou Arreridj (BBA). August 22, 2007, CSCEC in Algeria and the Minister of Justice have signed this contract for field D3 among projects of penitentiary establishments distributed in 13 Wilayas.The establishment, with gross floor area of 190,000m2, and built area of 82,000m2, is built in frame reinforcing sail and metal frame plus mixed structure, with level R + 0, R + 1, R + 2, composed of blocks provided with all the necessary functions while following European and American standards, such as holding high security blocks, medium security detention, ordinary detention, detention females, minor detention, medical center, detention on remand, administration, accommodation of penalties, etc.


Project location: Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria
Owner: The Minister of Justice of Algeria
Design office: B.E.T A & A Algeria
Built surface:85,000㎡
time limit:40 month
beginning of the roadworks:01/01/2008
Project status: completion

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