Falaise in Oran

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As an important port city in the West of Algeria, Oran is crucial for the economic development. The construction project " Les falaises " border on the Mediterranean and is intend to be a luxurious business hotel. It consists of a business building, a restaurant building and other necessary infrastructures. The design and reception of this project are based on the European standards, it adopts an advanced system of curtain wall and a complex electromechanical system, it's decoration is also of high quality.  The characteristic of this project is its informationized, smart and energy-conserving buildings. It is now a landmark of Oran.


Address: Grand Boulevard de « Les Falaises », Oran - Algérie
Proprietor: S.P.A Société d’Investissement Hôtelière 
Supervising unit:Fabris & Partners         
Covered area:45,000.00 ㎡
Project time limit:33.5 months    
Start working date:2009-4-8
Project status:Hand over

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