Working at CSCEC Algeria

CSCEC Algeria, a joint stock company, aims to become the most competitive construction and investment group in the Mediterranean Basin and around the world. To achieve this goal, we have created a positive working environment where our employees are able to strive for excellence while remaining open-minded. Our human resources policy, which focuses on hiring local staff, encouraging loyalty among expatriates and developing an international workforce, helps us to attract talented professionals from around the world and establish high-performance teams. This results in a corporate culture that is characterized by harmony and diversity – a solid foundation upon which the company and its employees can build.

We offer our staff competitive salaries and a workplace where they can realize their full potential. To create win-win situations, we share the results of our efforts with employees, ensuring that their international experience is also an opportunity to achieve their own goals.


We look forward to welcoming you to Algeria – and the ambitions that drive you.
“Motivation, respect and trust”
CSCEC, looking to the future

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Career development

Our human resource management policy aims to find common ground between individual goals and company development. CSCEC strives to create synergies between its employees’ changing aspirations and the company’s long-term development.

Developing human resources and motivation
  • Three main job categories and 23 specializations
  • A wide range of career opportunities
  • More than 200 in-house training sessions per year

CSCEC is committed to developing the careers of all employees. This involves running a number of activities, including training sessions, a mentoring programme and opportunities to gain experience in the field.


Living conditions

Working in Algeria
  • Ancient traditions and modern practices in a country located between sea and desert
  • Bordered by the Mediterranean to the north, the Sahara to the south, Tunisia to the east and Morocco to the west
  • Islam, the national religion, practiced by 99.9% of the population
  • A long tradition of friendship binding China and Algeria
Working at CSCEC
  • A positive working environment with clearly defined duties
  • Clean and modern offices
  • Pleasant accommodation and cafeteria facilities (provided by the company)
  • Access to a wide range of leisure activities